Well-Oiled Machines

If this were a food blog, I’d be telling you about the wings we made for dinner last night while we watched the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Luckily for you, it’s not, and I won’t, save to say they were awesome, if not actually historic. History and awesomeness, though, were on our […]

How to Kill Your Cat

Pro Tip:  Do Not Google “How to kill your cat at home.”

1 January 2018 – Not Dead Yet

“My wish is that all of my friends and people I know don’t die horribly.  I mean, I know people are going to die, that’s just life.  I just wish that they don’t die horribly.”

And a Happy Birthday!

It’s June again, and that means birthdays at the BUMD house! There are more than I can count now; I can’t remember them all. There have been amazing things this month, anniversaries, graduations, and birthdays galore! Number One Son, who turns an unlikely 17 today – I think he’s as surprised as the rest of us – is hitting his stride. This was a quiet evening with a quiet cake; he cheerfully let us put 17 candles and one candle to grow by on the cake, and just as cheerfully blew them all out as we started singing.

A Choice of Saints

It seems sainthood is the question of the hour for me – so I’m running with it.  There we were, just a pair of innocents driving down the street, when we saw a license plate that said “StBndct.”  Sometimes you really have to try to parse a vanity plate.  In this case, one can tell […]