The Great Fairfax Coffee Caper

You know that feeling when you’re looking for the UPS drop box because you got a Nespresso machine for Father’s Day and you’ve finally filled up the bag they give you to send the canisters (don’t call them pods, dear god, not making that mistake again) back for recycling, and you’re in a bit of […]

Dear Gram

Over the course of the last 10 years or so, I sent my grandmother a number of letters, on the order of 40 or so. Mostly, I told her, this was because she didn’t own a computer, and I didn’t feel that the lack of a computer and Internet access should exempt her from having […]

1 January 2019 – Long Letter Follows

Still aint’n dead.  Missed most of the last year – slept right through it.  Will work on updating this more often – a genuine, shiny new year’s resolution.  Hey, I’ve got to have something to fail at, right? Be well, stay safe, think positive thoughts about the end of the current administration.  The watchword for […]

Suppressed Memories and Other Tales: Counting

I was torn between proud and horrified, and settled for a kind of horrible pride. Our friends allowed as how that was the funniest thing they’d ever heard, really, but oh look at the time, we need to be going, let’s pack it up guys. For reasons that were never made entirely clear, there were no further playdates.

In Defense of the Final Frontier

A friend pointed out to me an article by a Luddite, who derides the recent SpaceX launch as frippery, Elon Musk as a modern-day Louis XVI, and the entire idea of space exploration as something humanity shouldn’t be allowed to play with until we clean up our room. After some consideration, I’m not going to link […]