God Bless You, Mr. Zevon

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is immense, and richly detailed. In addition to the underwear that Elvis stained on his third tour of some hotel outside Memphis on a Tuesday in July, they have the actual shirt that Joey Ramone was wearing when he took some drugs.

Wednesday Morning Road Trip

Why does every Interstate way station, rest stop, and welcome center in the US always seem to be playing Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer when you stop there for a pee break and fresh coffee? Channeling our inner Willies, we’re on the road again, of course. We’re flying down the highways, westbound, here at the ass end […]

A Study in August: The End

There’s a Museum of Rural Life in rural Maryland on the Eastern Shore; hard to imagine why they’d need one. On the Eastern Shore of Virgina, you can’t throw a rock 10 feet without hitting 2 tobacco discount outlets and a fireworks store. Closer to the shore, the signs start to morph – “Tobacco, Fireworks, and Clams!” We also proved that if you drive far enough in any one direction in this country, you’ll eventually find a Walmart.

A Study in August, Part Three

Number One Son took a particular delight in the opportunity for wanton destruction, popping two out of three of his targets. Since everyone wins a prize, the lady in the booth showed him his prize options for hitting two balloons – to which he replied, “No thanks; I’m only in it for the popping.”

A Study in August, Part Two

We needed no further proof that we were well away from the Washington DC craziness than driving past a sign for a business called “Hell Yeah Watersports.” Within a 100 mile radius of the DC area, that same company would have incorporated under the name “Safe-n-Legal Watersports.”