Of Lunches, Dinners, and Breakfasts

Thomas Pit remains a subject of myth and legend up here in the northern climes, but it’s real, and it’s been real since 1932, when between 80% and 90% of all Huntsville voted for Franklin Delano Roosevelt and put their faith and their BBQ in the New Deal. Since then, it’s been pulled pig the best way, in a smokehouse behind the restaurant that may have seen a layer of paint on the outside, but the inside is just the same as it’s always been. You cook pigs for 80 years, you get damn good at it, is my guess.

Lost River Weekend

We looked at each other, counted the number of girls in the house, gave a nod, and packed our overnight bags – by which I meant a change of clothes, and he meant his iPod.

The Once and Future Huntsville

Huntsville is standing capable and ready to be called back into action if the US ever gets its space program back in high gear. In the meantime, they have some of the best BBQ in the country!

Driving at the Speed of Summer

At some point, it becomes a statistical certainty that you’re going to see your sister, daughter, cousin, or wife dancing on one of those poles after serving you tonight’s lasagna special. Also, sex is the number one topic in the insect world, with food running a close second, and not becoming food a distant third. It’s a lot like prime time television.

Wedding Road Trip, Part 5: Rolling Home

We continued to roll through Ohio for the several hours one does that. Eventually, following one of the many “What state are we in?” queries, Number One Son piped up. “You know, this nation is e-mother-effing-normous. And so’s Ohio.” Can’t argue with him there.