A Homestead Weekend

So there we were, once again on the open road, driving into a cloudbank from hell. The rains that we drove through that Thursday in June killed 20 people, destroying homes and families alike. The weather is capricious – many people were devastated, while the biggest impact to us was a cleaner car, proving that there […]

The Perils of Panopticonalism, and Why I Don’t Have It

It should be noted that at 13 years old, the Reigning Queen of Pink does not so much question her sexuality as interrogate it. I wouldn’t put her past waterboarding.

I’m not out of touch…

“Yes,” said I, “I know the song Radioactive.” It turns out that I’m 30 years out of sync.

Chicago and Back

Like the Dalai Lama, I always want them to make me one with everything, and they did. Oh, yes they did. The fries go on your dog, in your bun, all over the place. The onions, the relish, the peppers – and just a damn good hot dog. Plus the fries were outstanding. Also, don’t install windshield wipers in the dark.

Pleasant Surprise

The only thing I’d actually planned this weekend was my 10K hike – wonderfully restorative for those who might have had an extra Beaujolais the previous evening.