And a Happy Birthday To The HTR!

And a Happy Birthday To the HTR!

Repeating 8th Grade

Technology is creeping ever more quickly into the classroom, which is creeping ever more quickly into the real world. Still, I wouldn’t go back to 8th Grade for all the cardboard cafeteria pizzas in the world, no matter how much my Spanish teacher looked like Sofia Vergara.

A Study in August, Part Three

Number One Son took a particular delight in the opportunity for wanton destruction, popping two out of three of his targets. Since everyone wins a prize, the lady in the booth showed him his prize options for hitting two balloons – to which he replied, “No thanks; I’m only in it for the popping.”

A Study in August, Part Two

We needed no further proof that we were well away from the Washington DC craziness than driving past a sign for a business called “Hell Yeah Watersports.” Within a 100 mile radius of the DC area, that same company would have incorporated under the name “Safe-n-Legal Watersports.”

Weekend Notes: Stormy, with a chance of trees

It’ll be interesting to see what shakes out of the Derecho storm. The 911 service in most of NoVa went dead – people were asked to bring emergencies (or reports of same) to police/fire stations. Cell coverage was spotty at best, AT&T lost a few towers – and the POTS (plain old telephone system) went down as well. In the absence of internet, cell, and dial tone, 911 not working seems redundant if no one can call anyway.