Just So!

The mashup takes tales written for children in the 1890s and finally published in 1902, and aims for the intersection of these stories with the events of 1915, when Kipling’s son died in the Battle of Loos, France, in WWI.

Guy Montag is Lost

Bradbury tended to write closer to the Earth than others did.

Road Trips, Mall Rats, Highways, and Evolution

If you’re going to put 500 miles on your car in one week, make them good miles. Look out the window. Roll it down if you can. Skip the Interstate, skip the mall. Turn left next to nowhere, and explore the small spaces.

Passing the PMP Exam & Selling Out!

The 4-hour test took me 3 hours 57 minutes, which included a short bio break plus 45 seconds of me sitting with my eyes closed, palms up on the desk, reciting the Lotus Sutra.

Reading to the Lost Boys

On with the silk-lined yellow corduroy smoking jacket and on with the red-and-yellow checked jester hat and off, with my battered old copy of Yertle the Turtle and the Reigning Queen of Pink, to school we went.